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Most webmasters are aware that AdSense is a significant source of extra advertising revenue. As a result, most of them employ it to target high-paying keywords. They have the lists that tell them what the keywords are, and they’ve already employed a variety of approaches to identify them. Even though they have these ostensibly high-paying keywords on their sites, the money they anticipated to come in is not really flowing in.

What exactly are they doing wrong?

It’s one thing to have pages with the right keywords. But getting people to view those sites is a different storey, and it’s typically the aspect that’s missing.

The truth is you need to make your site navigation easier for people to find the pages that pay the most.

Take some time to consider how your website’s visitors interact with it. A visitor’s instinct is to click on another page that seems intriguing after landing on one. They go there because of the other connections that show on the page where they first arrived. This is how you navigate the site. It’s all about making it easy for people to navigate your website. And there’s one technique to get the most of your AdSense profits.

Each page of a normal website has menu links. The text on these links is what draws a visitor’s attention and encourages them to click on one of the links to go to another page of the website. “Free” or “download” links are often strong attention-grabbers.

This navigation logic may be used to drive visitors to your high-paying sites as well. Some websites get a lot of traffic from search engines but generate very little money. The key is to employ a series of carefully labelled links to divert visitors away from the low-earning sites and onto the higher-earning ones. This is a fantastic technique to transform real, inexpensive clicks into real money.

You’ll need two items before you can test if this design will work for you and your website. Something to compare and monitor, as well as some high-earning sites to direct your site’s visitors to. Selecting a couple of your most frequently viewed sites is an option. This ensures that a quick outcome is obtained.

The next step is to come up with techniques to persuade visitors who are seeing a certain page to click on the link that will send them to your high-earning pages. Make a compelling description for the link. Come up with a snappy and original link description. Consider something that people don’t see every day. That will pique their interest enough to make them investigate further.

You may also use images to draw the attention of your readers. There are no restrictions on how you can draw attention to your link. If you’re serious about your website’s success, you’ll go to any length to accomplish it. Simply said, be inventive. Many AdSense marketers believe there are no written or unwritten rules to follow when it comes to what they publish. Go ahead and do it as long as you don’t violate the search engines’ criteria.

It’s also important to keep in mind that it’s all about location, location, location. Once you’ve written the right attention-getting description, you’ll need to figure out where on your website to put that descriptive link to your high-paying page.

There’s nothing wrong with looking at other people’s websites to see how they handle site navigation. “Hot pages” or “most read” lists are already quite popular and overused. Learn about the ones that a lot of websites use and don’t attempt to copy them.

Another option is to experiment with various wordings on different pages. That way, you’ll be able to observe which one’s work and which ones don’t. Also, try to change things up a little. Put links at the top and, on occasion, at the bottom. This is how you find out which ones receive the most clicks and which ones are overlooked.

Let the experimentation begin. You should test and track until you discover the site navigation design that best suits your needs.

Note; things to consider:

One of the most important things is quality content, to make money from adsense program you need to have most of the traffic coming from search engines. Adsense is one of the good ways to make money online.

You need to also make sure you have responsive adsense and it’s according to the website traffic you have. First make an adsense account and make sure to connect to your website. With an adsense account you can automate your adsense ads.

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